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Essential Unemployment Insight for Nonprofits with Laura Achee, Enrollment Manager, UST

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Helping employers and employees navigate unemployment legislation during COVID-19

Nonprofits and their workforce are facing unprecedented challenges navigating COVID-19 and the impact on unemployment benefits. In response to the latest legislation, UST and Nonstop want to create a candid space to help answer some of your questions and to share other COVID-19 employer resources.

We'll be discussing:

  • How unemployment for nonprofits and nonprofit employees normally works
  • How the COVID-19 response is expected to impact unemployment for employees
  • How the COVID-19 response is expected to impact unemployment for nonprofit employers (both tax rated and reimbursing)

Speakers include:

Laura Achee

Laura Achee
Enrollment Manager

Laura Achee has served the members of the UST since 2009, in both Enrollment and Customer Service. She is currently the manager for the Member Enrollment team for UST, helping serve their 2,200 nonprofit members and provide savings evaluations to potential members. Prior to joining the UST leadership team, Laura served as the Sales Manager for several national retail companies.

Elizabeth Hodges
Benefits Advisor
Elizabeth has spent many years in the nonprofit industry working as a director of Human Resources. She strongly believes that all people should have access to high quality, affordable healthcare and strives to help all clients accomplish this goal.


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