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Healthcare Savings Analysis for Nonprofits

Uncover Cost Savings

And start providing better benefits for your employees

Nonstop has built a health solution specifically for nonprofits that includes:

  • Reduced premiums
  • Platinum-level benefits
  • Reduced out-of-pockets expenses for employees
  • And with no carrier changes.

Complete the form on this page to see what your healthcare savings could look like for 2018 and beyond. 

Your healthcare savings analysis will estimate your premium reduction and annual savings with our Nonstop Wellness health solution -- a partially self-insured health plan built for nonprofits.

Fill in the form for a savings analysis

Want to learn more ABout Partial Self-Insurance?

We have prepared The Nonprofit Executive’s Guide to Partial Self-Insurance which covers:

  • The benefits and savings of Partial Self-Insurance
  • Common challenges for nonprofit organizations
  • How partial self-insurance fits within the Affordable Care Act
  • Next steps in exploring if your nonprofit is a good candidate for this kind of healthcare program
  • Case studies of other nonprofits providing this kind of health coverage
Download the Guide Now!