Health Insurance for Health Centers

As part of the Value in Benefits (ViB) Program, Nonstop provides a win-win experience for both health centers and their employees, who work tirelessly to make our communities better. 

Nonstop Wellness is a health insurance program for community health centers that can:

  • Immediately reduce premiums for health centers with 50 or more employees on benefits offering a $1500 deductible or less
  • Eliminate or reduce employee out-of-pocket costs
  • Return unspent health insurance dollars

Complete the form on this page to see what your healthcare savings could look like for 2020 and beyond. 

Your healthcare savings analysis will estimate your premium reduction and annual savings with our Nonstop Wellness health solution -- a partially self-insured health program built for community health centers.


Want to learn more about Partial Self-Insurance?

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