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The Nonprofit Executive's Guide To

Partial Self-Insurance

Research shows that healthcare coverage is rated as the most important benefit to employees.

Now, more than ever, it is critical that all members of leadership are involved in the process of evaluating employee health insurance options. Partial Self-Insurance, or Partially Self-Funded healthcare, may be a viable option that can save your organization money and improve emlpoyee benefits.

What is Partially Self-Funded Healthcare?

Download our whitepaper which outlines and details:

  • The benefits and savings of Partial Self-Insurance
  • Common challenges for nonprofit organizations
  • How partial self-insurance fits within the Affordable Care Act
  • Next steps in exploring if your nonprofit is a good candidate for this kind of healthcare program
  • Case studies of other nonprofits providing this kind of health coverage

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Nonprofit Executive's Guide to Partial Self-Insurance

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