Guide:Explore the Next Steps to Better Benefits

Quick Guide - Explore the Next Steps to Better Benefits. A New Way To Approach Health Insurance FundingIf your mid-size organization wants to offer improved health benefits for less, increase retention of top talent and improve recruitment, evaluating a new way to fund employer-sponsored health benefits could make all the difference.

Download this guide to learn about an approach to lower the cost of healthcare while providing affordable, quality health benefits, an essential need for low-wage earners.  

The guide will cover:

  • An overview of partial self-insurance
  • Key operational and financial challenges that partial self-insurance overcomes
  • The impact that a health insurance funding model change can make on your organization and employees

Nonstop Wellness is a health insurance program created to decrease your organization’s overall healthcare spend while providing employer-sponsored health benefits with lower out-of-pocket costs for employees. If you have more than 50 employees on benefits, you could qualify for Nonstop Wellness -- contact us to learn more.  

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